Cross-regional learning

GPPAC is a global network of locals: We connect for peace!

GPPAC enables and facilitates regional and global exchanges. We bring civil society organisations from all across the globe together to learn and share their knowledge and expertise. While conflicts are complex and context-bound, practice can be shared and useful in many situations. For example, with a crisis developing with the increase of post-election violence in Cameroon, GPPAC brought members from Kenya to the country to share their experience in dialogue and mediation before, during and after elections.

Are you a professional working with a civil society organisation in the field of conflict prevention and peacebuilding? You can become a member of GPPAC! If you are interested, go here.


Peace Portal

The Peace Portal is an open, community-based platform aiming to give visibility to all organisations worldwide, small and big, working on peacebuilding and conflict prevention. We want to provide easy access to the numerous organisations working locally for dialogue, peace and non-violence. Map your organisation and join us in promoting the value and need of civil society working to prevent violence.

Why should I map my organisation?


​​​​​​Increase Visibility

  • The Peace Portal aims to give visibility to the sector of peacebuilding and conflict prevention. Let’s show that we are many working to prevent violence by peaceful means.
  • We develop online campaigns and highlight the organisations mapped on social media.

Collaborate for Peace

  • Through the Peace Portal, local organisations can find potential partners to work together and look for synergies to achieve common goals.  


Showcase that civil society plays a crucial role to achieve sustainable peace. You are on the ground, you are making a difference.


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