Towards Adequate and Impactful Financing for Sustaining Peace: An Overview of UN Commitments and Existing UN Language

This paper is an aide-mémoire to Member States of the United Nations that aims to provide a concise reminder of the existing commitments and relevant UN language that supports a normative and political commitment toward achieving adequate, predictable, sustainable, and inclusive financing for sustaining peace. The recommendations included in this paper derive from the past resolutions of the UN General Assembly, Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations and Security Council as well as relevant reports of the UN Secretary-General and the reviews of the UN peacebuilding work.

This paper 1) highlights four focus areas where the UN has already developed strong language and commitments in relevant UN resolutions and 2) outlines the main existing recommendations and commitments across the four focus areas on financing for sustaining peace:

  1. Improving Quantity of Financing for Sustaining Peace
    1. Enhancing Assessed Contributions to Sustaining Peace
    2. Rethinking Voluntary Contributions to Sustaining Peace
    3. Expanding Innovative Financing for Sustaining Peace
    4. Strong and Operational Partnerships for Financing for Peacebuilding
  2. Amplifying the National Action on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace
  3. Improving Quality of Financing for Sustaining Peace
    1. Prioritising Inclusive Financing Practices
    2. Exploring Participatory Funding Models
    3. Ensuring Donor Coordination on Sustaining PeacE
  4. Improving the Common Understanding of the Financing for Sustaining Peace Landscape

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