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Financing Mechanisms to Support Local Peacebuilders

The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation (DHF) and GPPAC have partnered to explore avenues to better support local peacebuilding work through strengthening the quality - meaning the flexibility, sustainability, and accessibility - of peacebuilding financing. Through this collaboration, we shed light on challenges and limitations but demonstrate that synergistic, realistic strategies for what can be done to better support  local peacebuilders, exist and are attainable through committed and long-term effort. 

As a result of informal dialogues with bilateral and multilateral donors, the partners produced a working paper. This paper presents a set of working ideas and examples – many of which are already supported by the bilateral donor community beyond the peacebuilding sector and could be adapted – with the goal of illuminating pathways focused on what can be done to better support local peacebuilders, versus perennially focusing on the obstacles. Further, the paper also proposes specific efforts that could be undertaken to further capitalise on the progress made.

Find the report below and continue following updates on GPPAC’s work on financing for peacebuilding here.

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