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The Situation in Sudan: Statement of the Middle East and North Africa Partnership for Prevention of Armed Conflict (MENAPPAC) and GPPAC Eastern and Central Africa Region (ECA)

GPPAC Networks in the MENA Region and Eastern and Central Africa condemn in the strongest terms the outbreak of violent clashes between the Sudanese Army Forces and the Rapid Support Forces, which have so far claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians. 

  • We call on both parties to end hostilities immediately as the continuation of violence continuously worsens the already precarious humanitarian, social and economic situation in the country. 
  • We also express our deep concern about the targeting of civilian-populated areas and the spread of violence across the country, including the North and South Darfur and Kassala State.

GPPAC Networks in the MENA Region and Eastern and Central Africa call on the leaders of the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese Armed Forces to immediately cease hostilities and respect international humanitarian and human rights law

  • We call for the settlement of the conflict through peaceful means and return to dialogue on the framework agreement on security and military reform. Sudan’s military leaders must initiate and engage in peaceful political dialogue without delay. International and regional actors, including the African Union, Arab League, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Kingdom and United States, need to ensure all parties return to a credible political transition that respects people’s desire for democratic reform.
  • We remind that the continuation of the armed conflict will lead to the collapse of the Juba Agreement for Peace in Sudan – an agreement that was very promising in putting Sudan on the path to a full transition towards sustaining peace. Despite hostilities, the political leaders need to continue engaging with local peace actors to ensure that political and technical support builds a foundation for inclusive and meaningful transition.

GPPAC Networks in the MENA Region and Eastern and Central Africa appeal to the leaders of the two parties to respect and protect the rights of civilians and open safe passages for civilians to leave to safe areas. We also appeal to the international community to urgently provide humanitarian and medical aid and to take all necessary measures to protect civilians in accordance with the principle of responsibility to protect,  and to support local and Arab initiatives to these ends.

GPPAC Networks in the MENA Region and Eastern and Central Africa stand in solidarity with the people of Sudan and the region who renounce violence and unite in their aspiration for a peaceful and democratic future for Sudan.



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