Youth for peace in MENA

Youth is key for conflict prevention and peace. In 2015, the UN recognised the importance of youth in building peace and adopted the historic resolution on Youth, Peace and Security, UNSCR 2250. Youth is also one of the key areas of work for GPPAC. We believe that sustainable peace can only be achieved when all members of society are engaged and participate, regardless of their gender, age, religion, race, class or nationality. 

GPPAC member, the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists (APHRA) based in Egypt, is currently working with their partners in Yemen, Syria and Libya to raise awareness of the need to implement the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 and ensuring an effective role of youth in in peacebuilding and conflict prevention.

They have recently launched a new partnership between the Global Youth Network for Goal 16 (GYN16) and America-Mideast Educational and Training Services (AMIDEAST Tunisia) to empower young people and enhance their participation in peacebuilding in Tunisia. 

Youth for peace mena

Given the developments in the MENA region and the importance of youth as agents of change,  special focus is on methods to mobilize young people in the MENA region, which will  enable them to undertake awareness building, advocacy, and participation in civil society institutions.

The Global Youth Network for Goal 16 is a network that aims to foster cooperation between young activists from across the globe, with the ultimate objective of achieving the 16th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 16) defined by the United Nations in 2015. The process of achieving this goal involves the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development and the deliverance of equitable access to justice for people from all sections of society to build effective, accountable, transparent and inclusive institutions at all levels. The network thus calls for the strengthening of judicial systems in order to enforce proper laws so as to work toward a peaceful and just society.


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