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The Peace Corner Podcast at a Time of Crisis

Welcome to a new season of the Peace Corner podcast! Young people at UNOY Peacebuilders, CSPPS, +Peace and GPPAC bring to you this fourth season, which focuses on the challenges and opportunities that peacebuilders worldwide are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our interconnectivity has become more apparent than ever, and the world has undeniably been forced to change. Now is the time to decide on a new way forward: one without violence and conflict, where women and youth are no longer excluded. This season is all about the local peacebuilders who are making this needed change possible.

Especially at this time of crisis, peacebuilding is more relevant than ever. However, it has also become more complex. Each episode brings to you the personal stories of the voices that matter - before, during and after COVID-19. We aim to show you the importance of sustained peacebuilding, whilst faced with the challenges of COVID-19, by interviewing peacebuilders on the ground. We will shed light on what exactly drives them to do what they do: strive for peace, even when all the odds are against them.

Curious to hear how? Find all the episodes here or head to Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Soundcloud.

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