Peace Corner Podcast (3)

Out Now: Second Series of the Peace Corner Podcast!

We are back with the second series of the Peace Corner podcast! Picking up on where we left off, our ambitious interns pursue the quest for knowledge. They will swirl down the path in their pursuit of curiosity. And we will follow them to find out more from the voices behind peace. With each pod, we will be talking to a different peacebuilder, with a different story to tell. By offering unique perspectives on a spectrum of issues, we hope to engage, challenge, and open your ears to the many courageous voices making peace possible. Did you know we can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher and more? Make sure to subscribe, if you want to stay tuned!

For the first episode, we dove back into the studio with returning guest and peacebuilder Meri Joyce from Peace Boat. Following the wave of disappointment that struck the peacebuilding community after the long-awaited Trump-Kim Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, we wondered: where are we now? Without a peace agreement, what are we left with? Or was this Summit still a small step towards peace on the Korean Peninsula?  Tune in now!

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