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Conflict in Venezuela: Not Going Home

Since 2014, more than three and a half million Venezuelans have left their country. Why are they leaving everything behind? Is the crisis endangering peace in the region? What type of responses are needed?

“I won’t go back to Venezuela, I won’t go back”, said Sandra Payeres - a Colombian woman who migrated to Venezuela a long time ago. Faced with much despair and suffering, she returned to Colombia and found refuge in the Colombian-Venezuelan border city of Cúcuta.

Sandra is one of many who had to flee Venezuela. Since 2014, over 3,5 million Venezuelans were forced to leave their country behind. We travelled to Cúcuta to see the crisis first-hand. In this video, we see the harsh conditions and the vulnerabilities Venezuelan migrants face, and hear their personal stories of why they left their country.

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