Advocate for Partnerships and Inclusion

If your government is not including you in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, you should advocate for greater partnership and inclusion.

Strategies to achieve this can include:

  • contacting national CSOs coalitions and networks as well as international organisations present in your country for joint advocacy for inclusion; 

  • be in touch with the UNDP in your country (they are likely to support the SDG review process) and discuss with them what participatory processes already exist, how to be part of them or how to start one. They developed their own guidelines for such a multistakeholder approach;

  • developing shadow VNR reports (see how below) and engage the government with independent data to complement their efforts;

  • Identifying key government consultative or reporting moments and advocate for the inclusion of civil society and groups currently left out. 

In this process you can use GPPAC recommendations such as the need to create incentives for more actions and  the formation of inclusive SDG 16+ coalitions and partnerships.

For further information about how to engage nationally and regionally in SDGs implementation look at the TAP Network reporting on SDGs implementation and TAP goal 16 advocacy toolkit as well as the study of IDDRI about NGO mobilisation around the SDGs

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