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November the 6th

GPPAC & Geneva Peace week

From 6-10 November, was the Geneva Peace Week. In its fourth edition, the Geneva Peace Week focused for the first time on the theme of Prevention and effective pathways for implementation. The theme built on the prioritization of prevention by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, who in his address to Members of the UN Security Council on 10 January 2017, said "Prevention is not merely a priority, but the priority. If we live up to our responsibilities, we will save lives, reduce suffering and give hope to millions." This week was an opportunity to see what the progress is towards conflict prevention and what can be done together with many various actors and organisations in this field.

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November the 15th

Conference on Improving EU Peacebuilding & Conflict Prevention

On November 8th, over a hundred participants attended the conference ‘Effectiveness and Inclusivity of EU Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention' at the Scotland House in Brussels. During the conference, policy makers, academics and civil society practitioners presented the findings of two EU-funded Horizon 2020 projects IECEU - Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU Conflict Prevention and WOSCAP - Whole-of-Society Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding.

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November the 5th

GPPAC Gender Experts Meet in New York for '1325 Week'

From 23-27 October, GPPACs Gender Experts gathered in New York for the 17th anniversary of UNSCR 1325. Through personal exchange and events, the experts were able to share their local stories from conflict settings with New-York based policy makers and civil society partners.

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October the 6th

Policy Brief: Local Ownership & the Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo

GPPAC informs policy through the production of policy briefs that analyse conflicts from a human security perspective. In this policy brief, published by GPPAC, researcher Filip Edjus of the University of Bristol discusses local ownership and the rule of law mission in Kosovo.

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September the 28th

Animation: Making Conflict Prevention Possible

The past years have shown a drastic increase in the number of violent conflicts worldwide. As a result, many thousands have died and many more had to flee their homes. The solution is not in reacting to violent conflicts when they appear. We need to shift our focus from reacting to violent conflicts to the longer-term focus of prevention. In this animation we explain what conflict prevention is, why it is important and what GPPAC is doing for sustainable peace worldwide.

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September the 18th

Reflections on Peace and Security in Northeast Asia

The publication, Reflections on Peace and Security in Northeast Asia - Perspectives on the Ulaanbaatar Process, was launched in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on August 29. This was done on the occasion of the third meeting of the Ulaanbaatar Process, a civil society-led dialogue for peace and stability in Northeast Asia, launched by GPPAC in 2015. The publication is a collection of essays which capture the diverse and uncompromised opinions, concerns, tensions and contradictions of a region in turmoil.

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