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17th of July

A Struggle for Land Rights in Mexico

GPPAC member SERAPAZ from Mexico works with many communities that struggle to hold on to their land rights. One of such groups is the Otomí Indigenous community of San Francisco Xochicuautla in central Mexico. For the last decade, the community has been faced with the prospect of the construction of a highway on their traditional land. They have peacefully resisted to the plans and have developed alternative scenarios.

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June the 22nd

TRT World Interviewed Executive Director GPPAC on Colombian Peace Process

On 21 June, TRT World interviewed the Executive Director of GPPAC, Darynell Rodriguez Torres, on the peace process in Colombia.

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June the 16th

GPPAC Policy Note: Towards Local Ownership of International Interventions in Mali

The human security lens highlights how people experience insecurity at a personal and community level. However, such day-to-day realities are often directly influenced by political developments at the national, regional and international levels. This paper examines some of the dynamics surrounding the international interventions, with particular (if not exclusive) attention to MINUSMA, from the point of view of local ownership.

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14th of June

GPPAC Background Paper: A Peacebuilding Lens on the Sustainable Development Goals

GPPAC has written a background paper on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from a peacebuilding perspective. The paper gives recommendations on how CSOs can engage with the agenda and is the first of a number of activities GPPAC is planning around the SDGs.

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