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13th June 2016

'Working Together for Peace': GPPAC's Annual Report 2015

GPPAC's Annual Report 2015 is now available for download. Discover what our civil society organisations' network has been up to in 2015 and what are the challenges ahead. 

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10th May 2016

What is Human Security?

Human Security is a founding principle of GPPAC's work, but what is it exactly? We explain it and show why it's important with this animation, also available in Spanish and French

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5th July 2016

“Fighting With the Heart of a Woman – The situation and participation of women in Chiapas”

The twentieth anniversary of GPPAC North America network member International Service for Peace (SIPAZ) in Mexico marked a great moment to reflect on and compile lessons learned after two decades of accompaniment to organised groups and peoples in the struggle for land and territory, justice, truth, and peace. This publication arose from this, a diagnostic of the main changes of the last twenty years.

To read more, please visit SIPAZ website. You can download the book here (in Spanish).

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12th July 2016

Updates from the UN

In this new blog by GPPAC's UN Liaison Officer Minna Hojland you can find updates on current developments, discussions and events related to peacebuilding and conflict prevention in and around the UN in New York. You can read the blog here.

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Project Update

Great Lakes Project Partners meeting in Nairobi

As GPPAC's Great Lakes Project is coming to an end, the project partners met in Nairobi, Kenya on June 16th and 17th for a final meeting. During these two days, a number of topics were discussed, including the evaluation of the project, reflections, lessons learned and finalising the implementation of the final activities. There were also strategic discussions on how to build on the work of the project after it comes to an end in June. You can learn more about the GLP here.

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Latest Publication

Latest Publication

At the end of the 3,5 years Great Lakes Project, the project partners, NPI-Africa, ACCORD and GPPAC developed the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region: CSO Handbook.

The handbook provides practical information about the structure of the International Conference on the Great Lakes (ICGLR) and its decision-making process and cycles. It highlights the importance of engaging with the ICGLR and indicates different spaces in which people from the region can participate to develop policies and actions and jointly strengthen the organisation in the prevention and management of armed conflicts. 

You can download the manual from the Great Lakes Project website.

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