Human Security Working Group

GPPAC's work on Human Security has taken many different shapes, which have been shared and analysed in thematic Working Groups. A GPPAC Working Group on Human Security, involving member organisations from across the globe, was established in 2010 with the goal of facilitating exchange of practical experiences and best practices of community-based and people-centred security, peacebuilding and conflict prevention. This has informed GPPAC's position on human security, feeding into position documents, learning resources and advocacy tools. The online community compiles some of the resources, activities and developments of GPPAC, its members and partners on the topic of human security. The Working Group has contributed to GPPAC's work through the following objectives:

  • identify experiences of community-based and people-centred security, shared to compliment traditional state-led approaches.
  • identify and convene civil society and multi-stakeholder dialogues on human security. · provide context specific policy recommendations on how to effectively prevent the escalation of violence from a Human Security perspective.
  • provide a link between local CSOs and policymakers at the national and regional levels.
  • develop and implement strategies to strengthen conflict prevention rooted in a human security framework.

You can follow the Working Group activities on this website