Locally-led Peacebuilding GPPAC

Locally-led peacebuilding action

We are deeply committed to ensuring local ownership and leadership for sustainable peacebuilding.

Imagine a world where violent conflict does not erupt, because the root causes of conflict are addressed early. Imagine a world where local peacebuilders are able to build sustainable peace in their communities because they have access to flexible funding. Imagine a world where local peacebuilders operate in a thriving civic space and take joint action for peace.

This world would be more peaceful. 

This world is possible when peacebuilding policies, practices, and infrastructures are rooted in locally-led and locally-grounded peacebuilding. 

That is why we at GPPAC work to achieve change and sustain peace at the local level. This must include new ways of allocating resources and establishing infrastructures for peace based on local ownership.

Infrastructures for peace comprise all institutions, mechanisms, resources, and skills that create resilience, address root causes of conflict and support the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Which paths are we taking to make this world possible? 

We build and sustain inclusive infrastructures for peace centered around local ownership. Offering a unique entry point to access local peacebuilding expertise, we facilitate multi-stakeholder engagements that explore and promote innovative ways of increasing accessible funding for local peacebuilders. By strengthening these resources, capacities, and infrastructures at the local level, we aim to magnify local peacebuilding – essential to achieving peaceful, just, and inclusive societies.

“GPPAC provides a unique platform that is enabling practical localization of global peace agendas and globalization of local voices. Its networking model across the world and direct connection with local communities, national, regional and global actors make it best placed to advance locally-led peacebuilding. The platform is key in enhancing synergy, sharing best practices, and promoting active community participation and ownership” - Patrick Bwire, CECORE


Youth training in Kasese

Financing for Peacebuilding

If the international community is committed to addressing root causes of conflict and sustaining peace, adequate, sustainable and accessible funding must be available to local peacebuilders.

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A group of people standing in front of a Mongolian hut

The Ulaanbaatar Process

Civil society dialogue for peace and stability in Northeast Asia

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Sustaining Peace Roundtable Series

A series of roundtable discussions on Operationalizing Sustaining Peace, bringing together experts to discuss the implementation of the Sustaining Peace resolutions.

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Local Infrastructures for Peace

Local peacebuilders react and adapt to crisis through building their own and utilize existing infrastructures for peace. 

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Peacebuilding Architecture

A key opportunity for peacebuilding in 2020 was the 2020 Peacebuilding Architecture Review.

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UN on the ground

What impact does the sustaining peace agenda really have on the ground?

Measuring the Impact of the United Nations Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace Agenda on Local Peacebuilding in Sudan, Somalia, and Mozambique

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