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Financial Report 2018

In 2018, together with our members, we worked hard to prevent violent conflict and to foster peace in our communities. We did so through our work on human security, gender, youth inclusivity and dialogue. We continued to bring local expertise on conflict prevention to the UN through our work with the Civil Society - UN Prevention Platform. Through our work with the Platform, GPPAC is recognised as a go-to resource for connecting with civil society in New York and at country-level.
One particular highlight of 2018 is how GPPAC supported our member from Cameroon to prevent further violence following the Cameroonian presidential election. We also launched our project empowering Kyrgyzstani youth to become agents of change, and bridge social, gender, and ethnic divides. We continued to demystify conflict prevention: lt is crucial that conflict prevention becomes more widely known and understood as an effective set of tools and approaches to prevent violence and save lives. 

In this report, you will find the financial overview of 2018.

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