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GPPAC Gender Policy

As we plan for a new decade in our work as GPPAC, we must ensure that men and women are equally represented, heard and equally influential. Moreover, it is vital that we address notions of masculinity and tradition that perpetuate the harmful gender norms and pose barriers to achieving our collective goal. Therefore, our Gender Policy aims to get to the root causes of the persistence of unequal power relations and to provide transformative solutions.

The GPPAC Gender Policy is taking a Gender Transformative Approach (GTA) to influence the change of attitudes, behaviours and norms that are at the very core of unequal power relations and gender inequality.

It is informed by local experience and expertise through the leadership and commitment of our Gender Focal Points network. However, the task of the implementation of the gender policy does not simply rest with the Gender Focal Points.

It will require every single region of GPPAC to take ownership and boldly address the persistent gender imbalances within communities, to redefine power and demonstrate that gender inclusive conflict prevention, which addresses both masculine and feminine insecurities, contributes to the achievement of gender equality and sustainable peace.

This will enable us to enhance our analysis of the root causes of violence and conflict and to shift from reaction to prevention.

It will enable us to build strategically on the progress we have made to date and work with our allies and partners in redesigning the table, to be truly inclusive.

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