Project: Adequate, rapid and flexible funding for women peacebuilders

GPPAC’s partnership with the WPHF Rapid Response Window

We at GPPAC know that local women peacebuilders are the backbone of peace and security efforts. We firmly believe that every woman's voice is essential at the negotiation table, a cornerstone for achieving sustainable peace. However, we are aware of the existing structural barriers that hinder women peacebuilders from accessing quick, adaptable, and reliable funding necessary to amplify their voices effectively.

For this reason, we partner with the Rapid Response Window of the United Nations Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF), which quickly mobilises critical financing for local organisations to advance further women's meaningful participation in formal peace processes and the implementation of peace agreements.

What is our partnership with the WPHF about? 

We partner with the WPHF by acting as an intermediary. Concretely, we support local civil society organisations (CSOs) that receive funding from the WPHF Rapid Response Window by offering technical guidance, supporting monitoring and evaluation, communication, and grant management. Yet, our core strength as an implementing partner lies in our unique network approach to peacebuilding. Within our network, local peacebuilders are in the lead, and they use their in-depth knowledge and expertise to engage in peer-to-peer exchanges to strengthen their impact on the ground. This way, local peacebuilders amplify each other's voices, build mutual trust, and pave the way for intra-regional and cross-regional cooperation.

Why do we partner with the WPHF Rapid Response Window?

Our partnership with the WPHF Rapid Response Window springs from a shared vision to:

What projects are we supporting to champion women's participation in peace processes?

Embrace the opportunity: Seek funding from the WPHF Rapid Response Window!

Are you part of a women’s civil society organisation working to increase women’s influence in national, subnational and international formal peace processes? If you are, you could be eligible to apply for the WPHF Rapid Response Window! 

The WPHF is on a mission to support local women to prevent conflicts, tackle crises, and seize crucial peacebuilding opportunities. To do so, the WPHF addresses a shared need echoed by many women peacebuilders worldwide – access to quick, adaptable, and reliable funding. 

The WPHF Rapid Response Window is keen on championing projects that amplify women’s involvement in peace processes and the implementation of peace agreements across the globe.  You can find more insights on the criteria and how to seek funding from the WPHF Rapid Response Window’s on their official website

Your ideas, our backing – let’s make change happen!

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