Victòria Carreras Lloveras

Victòria Carreras Lloveras

Deputy Director / Manager Operations

Since a young age, Victoria was keen to understand how politics and international relations shaped our society. This interest brought her to graduate in Contemporary History and European Studies and became inspired by the most successful peacebuilding project that is the European Union. After years of working in digital communications and online project management in the private sector, she joined GPPAC to set up the Peace Portal. Now, she is Manager Operations and is also a member of the Management Team.

Victòria is passionate about sustainability and organisations contributing to a better world. A driven person that loves getting the big picture, is process oriented and enjoys coordinating different tasks and efforts. That’s why she decided to pursue an MBA in Social Entrepreneurship, which has strengthened her management skills of socially responsible organisations.


Vicky’s hero…

Her biggest hero is her mother.

Vicky’s favourite place in the world…

The sustainable houseboat in Amsterdam where she lives with her husband and two sons.

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