Marie-Laure Poiré

Marie-Laure Poiré

Manager Global Advocacy

Marie-Laure’s role at GPPAC combines two of her passions: connecting like-minded people all around the world who care about peace, justice, and security, and building support to help them realize their aspirations. 

The first decade of Marie-Laure’s professional life was spent in the USA where she completed her masters in Human Security at Georgetown University and further developed expertise in stakeholder engagement, program management, and communication on issues spanning from women, peace, and security, to peacebuilding. 

At GPPAC, Marie-Laure strives to be a mindful rainmaker by establishing mutually-beneficial partnerships with donors and guiding GPPAC members in their fundraising efforts. When she is not drafting grant proposals or thinking more broadly about organizational strategy, Marie-Laure enjoys volunteering in her community, exchanging socially conscientious ideas with friends and strangers, and quietly reading French books that her parents send her so that she does not neglect her native language. 


Why Marie-Laure works at GPPAC…

Because it offers the perfect combination: it is always rewarding and challenging, and we make a difference. And I get to build expertise in learning different time zones.

Marie-Laure’s favourite place in the world…

Wherever she has family members and friends, so quite a lot of places around the world actually. Simply because their sole presence makes any place that much more wonderful and enjoyable.

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