Kateryna Gryniuk

Kateryna Gryniuk

Regional Officer Central Asia, Eastern Europe & South Caucasus

At GPPAC, Kateryna works on equipping members with tools to seek peaceful solutions to various social-economic, cultural and political challenges that continue to hamper the development of the beautiful and diverse post-Soviet region. An intercultural mentor and a peace coach, she always felt that youth activism forms a strong foundation for lasting peace. Eventually, this brought her to GPPAC where she has started in February 2018 as the coordinator of the project “Cameras in hand: transformation and empowerment of Kyrgyzstani girls and boys” and established the Youth, Peace, and Security Working Group in close cooperation with the United Network of Young Peacebuilders. 

An experienced academic (finishing PhD in social sciences) and an active practitioner (with experience in different spheres - business, non-governmental, and governmental sectors), Kateryna has a keen eye for detail and a great love for numbers. She brings the best of all worlds in pursuit for the optimal and most effective solutions to peacebuilding and conflict prevention.


Ask Kateryna about...

Participatory video methodology and anything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Ukraine and her home town – Kyiv.

Kateryna's favourite place in the world (and why?)...

As an avid explorer and after she has already travelled to 59 countries, her favourite place is a destination she has not visited yet.

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