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Webinar: Peace Leadership in the New Normal - The Way Ahead

Conflicts in 2020 remain systemically complex. Local, domestic and national conflicts usually have regional and geopolitical dimensions. How do peace practitioners navigate the complexity, as well as handling the new online, virtual environment?

In our upcoming webinar, Dr. Emma Leslie, Executive Director of the Cambodia based Centre For Peace and Conflict Studies, will provide insights of her experiences in the Philippines, Korean Peninsula and Myanmar peace processes. As a regionally recognised peace leader based in Cambodia, she will provide fresh insights into the way we approach conflict and reinvent conflict theory, while staying grounded in practice.

A call for peace practitioners and peace process facilitators to get creative, embrace change and challenge themselves to sophisticated and clever conflict transformation. Dialogue and peace building are more relevant as the world shifts into new ways and strengthens its resilience. How will peacebuilders keep pace and remain relevant? Join our webinar that inspires and energises new possibilities in peacebuilding, dialogue and conflict transformation.

10 September

3 pm (Amsterdam, CET)
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