Webinar: The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on human security in Georgia

This webinar will focus on the results of the field research done about the gender dimension of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on human security in Georgia. The research has been done by ‘Sokhumi” Foundation – a member of the GPPAC South Caucasus Network of Women Mediators.

Who can participate? Anyone interested in peace education can join us for these webinars. Register to join!

What language will the webinar be delivered in? In English. 

What technology do I need to be able to view the webinar? We will be using Zoom for the webinar.

How do I register to the webinar? To view the webinar, you must first register here 

Date & time: Wednesday  24 June 2020, starting at 14.00 CET 

About Zaal Anjaparidze

Zaal N. Anjaparidze joined GPPAC as a local coordinator of the Caucasus Dialogue program in 2017, as staff of International Centre of Conflict and Negotiation (ICCN), the regional secretariat of GPPAC. He is a member of Improving Practice Working Group. Zaal used to work for various international projects on development, good governance, and the building of civil society. He was a project manager at the Czech NGO People in Need to the EU-funded program for promoting DCFTA in rural areas of Georgia, worked as a senior program manager of civil society program at Europe Foundation, and spent years working at the various positions in the USAID projects in Georgia. Zaal was editor-in-chief of English-language weekly Georgia Today. He is author of the numerous publications on the major events and trends in Georgia published in the national and international media.

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