Two women on the street in Eswatini

The Troubled Monarchy: Statement on the Civil Unrest in the Kingdom of Eswatini

On Wednesday, October 20 2021, protests against corruption and for democracy turned violent in Eswatini, Africa’s last monarchy. It was the most recent escalation in a growing wave of unrest that has taken over the country since June 2021.

What initially started as peaceful demonstrations calling for a modern political system and more democracy was met with repression, violence and death. Africa’s last absolute monarch, King Mswati III is being blamed for ignoring the demands of the citizens. 

When protesters united in the capital, Mbabane, on 20 October security forces responded with brutality, leaving people severely injured. 

The Southern Africa Partnerships for the Prevention of Conflict (SAPPC), meaning all GPPAC member organisations in the Southern African region, strongly condemns the incidents of violence that have led to the loss of life, injury and destruction of public and private property and calls for a peaceful dialogue with all parties involved.

Read their full statement here


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