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Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

GPPAC is pleased to announce that it is hosting its third Regional Inter-governmental Organisation (RIGO) conference on the 19th and 20th September 2019, in Washington DC. The theme will focus on achieving peace, justice and strong institutions.

In collaboration with International IDEA and the Community of Democracies (CoD), GPPAC works to enable structured engagements between RIGOs to sustain peace and to advance sustainable development. Working regionally is a fundamental part of achieving this goal. Through this work, GPPAC aims to increase access, political space and opportunities for civil society to engage with relevant global and regional stakeholders and provide input into relevant policy processes.

The close proximity on the ground of these organisations, allows for the main gaps and root causes of regional crises to be identified, providing localised support as and when necessary. These relationships, however, must be formed prior to the escalation or emergence of conflict. The creation of spaces that allow dialogue and joint analysis within the international, regional and national peacebuilding architecture must be encouraged and supported.

Not only will this conference discuss key trends, issues and responses, but it will also act as a platform to build and develop relationships between RIGOs and contribute towards the successful achievement of these goals. The conference seeks to generate, discuss and address the following key questions:

  • How do organizations coordinate and capitalize the efforts made at the international, regional, national and sub-national levels towards the achievement of peaceful, just and inclusive societies? What are some of the main challenges in consolidating a unified strategy and what joint strategies can be envisaged?

  • What are the strategic and practical benefits in closer cooperation between international, national and local actors and regional organisations?

  • How do we break the silos and better connect/coordinate the work that all stakeholders are doing independently, and better complement efforts towards peaceful and just societies?

  • What are the gaps in harnessing the potential of the regional organisations and how can they be addressed in order to sustain peace?

  • What are the regional realities to which regional organisations are being called to deliver – specifically the similarities and differences in Africa, Asia, Europe and America? What lessons can be shared and how can they be adapted to each context?

  • How can efforts at various levels be synergised to boost emerging new multilateralism, address weak social contracts and shrinking civic space, and contribute to peace? 


To see live updates, use the following hashtags: #RIGOconf #4Peace 

For more information, please contact Mallika Joseph, GPPAC Policy Adviser. 

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