International Youth Summer Camp: “Together for Peace without Violence”

In August 2018, the International Youth Summer Camp was organised in Tashkent for young volunteers from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. At the camp, a series of training were given on the topics of human trafficking, prevention of violent extremism, different types of violence, Internet security and blogging.

One of the organisers of the Youth Summer Camp was "Istiqbolli Avlod" ("Future Generation") -the newest member of the GPPAC Central Asian network in Uzbekistan. For years, Istiqbolli Avlod has focused on raising awareness on human trafficking -specifically on forced labor or sexual exploitation. A relevant topic, as these are issues are currently gaining importance across Central Asia. After becoming a member of GPPAC, the organisation has recognised prevention of violent extremism as an important part of their efforts.

For eight days, the participants of the Youth Summer Camp acquired knowledge and visual skills that will help them in contributing to peacebuilding as well as set a platform within their regions to raise awareness of human trafficking and preventing violent extremism. Moreover, it provided the participants with the skills to act as young agents of change. The International Youth Summer Camp demonstrated a significant step in the recognition of  youth in peacebuilding by broadening their understanding of today's global challenges and providing a platform for youth to build peace and security around the world.

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