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GPPAC Signs Letter to the UN Secretary-General on United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy

On 3 April, the United Nations Secretary-General Antonió Guterres presented his new report (A/71/858) to the General Assembly. In his report Guterres outlines ways of strengthening the capabilities of the UN to assist Member States in implementing the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. It is concluded that reforming the United Nations system is a priority to play a leading role in the prevention of conflict as well as the promotion of inclusive and sustainable peace, including countering terrorism and preventing violent extremism.

Together with many other CSOs, GPPAC has signed on to a letter sent to the Secretary-General. In the letter we address the shortcomings in the report, especially regarding the role of civil society and the protection of human rights. In the letter we offer four concrete steps in improving these shortcomings. 

Read the letter here.


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