GPPAC at Geneva Peace Week

During Geneva Peace week, we will organise two seminars. One will focus on: on the role of regional inter-governmental organisations in peace building and conflict prevention (on Tuesday November 6th). The session aims to bring together examples from around the world to bridge the policy gap between various stakeholders, primarily global institutions and regional inter-governmental organisations and local civil society organisations. For more information and to register, please click here.

The second session, on Thursday 8 November, will focus on assessing the implementation of peacebuilding, prevention and sustaining peace in practice: Reflections from Liberia. IPI and GPPAC will host a panel looking at the implementation of the prevention and sustaining peace frameworks in Liberia to examine what innovations are taking place and what tools are being employed to prevent the outbreak of violence and sustain peace. Liberia offers a unique perspectives on these critical issues and is at a key moment in its peacebuilding process having just undergone a double transition with the closure of the 15-year peacekeeping mission, UNMIL, and a new government transitioning into power in January 2018 after peaceful elections.

This timely event will share reflections on findings from fieldwork done in Liberia, and consider what is working and not working and how to support conflict prevention and sustaining peace processes.

For more information and to register, pleace click here.


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