GPPAC Alert: Bolivia

In this second GPPAC Alert, Theo Roncken of Acción Andina and GPPAC analyse the features of social conflict during the ‘Evo years' (2006-2016) – including the motivations, actors and opportunities for transformation that they represent.  The Bolivia Alert explores the historical context and socio-economic and political developments that frame the current situation from the perspective of state-society interactions in Bolivia. Based on this analysis, it identifies key actors and options for a conflict prevention and resolution agenda, and for safeguarding Human Security in Bolivia going forward.

Read the full alert here.

For Spanish version, please click here.

This document is part of the GPPAC Alert series, which aims to capture and disseminate the analytical insights of GPPAC members and partners on specific conflict issues, and to promote multi-stakeholder engagement on the conflict issue in question. The framework for GPPAC Alerts has been developed by the network's Preventive Action Working Group, which works to bridge the gap between conflict early warning and early response through tools such as conflict analysis, multi-stakeholder collaboration and action planning.


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