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Event: Civil Society Contributions to the Malian Peace Accord

The International Peace Institute (IPI) and The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflicts (GPPAC) are organising a discussion on "The Challenges and Opportunities for Civil Society Contributions to the Malian Peace Accord and its Implementation." The discussion will address what outcomes to expect from this national conference and what role civil society, both based in Mali and internationally, can play to inform and support these discussions.

The event will take place at IPI on Wednesday, November 9th from 3:30pm–5:00pm.  

Boubacar Thera, National Coordinator for WANEP-Mali (The West African Network for Peacebuilding)
Saran Keita, Chair of Réseau Paix et Sécurité des Femmes de l'Espace CEDEAO au Mali (REPSFECO/Mali)
Nene Konaté, Executive Director of l'Institut Malien de Recherche Action pour la Paix (IMRAP)
Aguissa Ag Mohamed, Executive Director of Observatoire des Droits Humains et de la Paix (ODHP), Secretary for the Malian Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CM-CPI), and Law Professor at Bamako University

Arthur Boutellis, Director of the Center for Peace Operations, IPI

The National Reconciliation Conference (Conférence d'Entente Nationale) is planned to take place in December of this year in Bamako, Mali and will aim to bring together all sides of the conflict to reflect on the status, challenges, and further implementation of the peace accord.

At the roundtable meeting, four members of civil society from Mali will be joining the discussion and sharing their experiences, as well as the challenges they face in contributing to the peace agreement and its implementation. 


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