Dialogue for Peace in Northeast Asia

From 2-4 December, our Northeast Asia regional meeting took place in Beijing. At the heart of the meeting was the Ulaanbaatar Process, a civil society dialogue on peace and stability for the Korean Peninsula and broader Northeast Asian region.

The meeting took place following a year of rapid changes and an unprecedented momentum for peace on the Korean Peninsula and in the broader region, greatly applauded by participants. With the last Ulaanbaatar Process that took place in August 2017, amidst a real crisis situation, participants noted that these positive steps are more than any could have imagined at the time of previous convening.


Around 30 participants joined the meeting, including network members and partners from Tokyo, Beijing, Kyoto, Pyongyang, Seoul, Ulaanbaatar and Vladivostok, as well as the United States. The group consisted of a wide range of actors including grassroots peace organisations, feminist groups, media commentators, peace and disarmament experts and humanitarian practitioners. The meeting was convened by Peace Boat​ as the Regional Secretariat for GPPAC Northeast Asia, and was hosted locally in Beijing by The Charhar Institute, an independent, non-governmental think tank in China focusing on diplomacy and international relations.

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