The Peace Corner Podcast

There's excitement in the soundwaves at GPPAC, as we launched our first-ever podcast series, The Peace Corner. The intern-driven initiative started as a conversation at lunch. We, the interns, enjoyed discussing what we would ask the peacebuilders who constitute the GPPAC global network should the opportunity arise. And so, The Peace Corner was born.

The premise of our podcast is a personal one. Whether it be a fresh-faced intern or veteran peacebuilder, each of us carries a web of stories that often carves out the path that we pursue. We want to get to the core of this web, which connects a vast range of faces and voices.

Who are these faces? What do their voices say? What drives them to persevere in some of the harshest and darkest places?

With each pod, we will be talking to a different peacebuilder, working in a different region, telling a different story. By offering unique perspectives on a spectrum of issues, The Peace Corner hopes to engage, challenge, and open your ears to the many courageous voices making peace possible.


Our first episode, The Power of Non-Violence in Palestine, saw our Israeli intern, Charlotte, talk to longtime peacebuilding pioneer, Lucy Nusseibeh, who has been living and working in the Occupied Palestinian Territories since 1978. The significance of humanising the ‘other' is made more powerful by this encounter, which recognises the colossal injustice of the Palestinians and takes the radical action of hope. Lucy dares to remind us that ‘there's not a natural hostility, but a much more natural coexistence'; this truth is our strongest weapon against those in power who manufacture a conflicting narrative.


Our second episode, The Nicaraguan Audacity to Unite, was a meeting of impassioned Nicaraguans: Jo, our intern, and Chale Guadamuz, an activist in exile working to mobilise the diaspora through the #SOSNicaragua network. The crisis in Nicaragua is under-reported and urgent. In his own moving words, Chale implores action from civil society groups and governments around the world, to find our common humanity and pay attention to each other.




For our third episode, our curious intern, Raphael, decided to chat to a veteran in grassroots peacebuilding, Jon Rudy, on The Heroines and Heroes of Grassroots Peacebuilding. After decades in the field, Jon offers an insightful and philosophical overview of the precarious environments within which civil society often operates, and the powerful individuals driving these operations. This conversation reminds us of the urgency of our collective humanity.