GPPAC Peacebuilders

GPPAC peacebuilders are working worldwide to prevent violent conflict and build peace. In the videos below, our peacebuilders share their personal stories and the work they do. 

Miguel Álvarez Gándara, SERAPAZ Mexico - GPPAC Board Member

Miguel Álvarez Gándara shares his personal story on how he became a peacebuilder.


Vasu Gounden, ACCORD, South Africa - GPPAC Member

In this video Vasu Gounden (Executive Director ACCORD, South Africa & GPPAC Member) talks about the transition of South Africa from an oppressive regime to a democracy. He explains what challenges need to be addressed for peace and stability in the country.


Jennifer Batton, GPPAC North America

In this video Jennifer Batton (GPPAC North-America) talks about the importance of peace education. She addresses the misperceptions of peace education and argues that it has many benefits for individuals and communities at large.

Vasu Gounden, ACCORD, South Africa - GPPAC Member

In this video Vasu Gounden (Executive Director ACCORD, South Africa & GPPAC Member) talks about his driving force to work on peacebuilding.


Bernard Okok-Obuoga, Nairobi Peace Initiative - Africa, GPPAC Eastern & Central Africa

Bernard Okok-Obuoga shares his experiences working on preventing electoral violence in Kenya. He explains how Nairobi Peace Initiative - Africa has dealt with the violence that erupted after the 2007 elections. He also shares his experiences on how to prepare for peaceful elections and the strength of working together as a regional network. 


Ivana Gajovic, Nansen Dialogue Centre Montenegro, GPPAC Western Balkans

Ivana Gajovic shares her personal story about how she started working in peacebuilding. She stresses the importance of peace education and dialogue for post conflict.


Andre Kamenshikov, Nonviolence International, GPPAC Eastern Europe

Andre Kamenshikov shares his personal story on why he started to work in peacebuilding. He also talks about the Ukraine conflict. He believes in the added value of being in a network to address challenges and difficulties in the region, which was the case with the situation in Ukraine. 


Francis Acquah-Aikins Junior, West Africa Network for Peacebuilding, GPPAC West Africa

Francis Acquah-Aikins Junior believes in the strength of being part of a network, where the local voices are connected and shared on the global level. He also sees the network of enabling cross regional knowledge exchange, which is key when dealing with the complexity of conflict prevention and peacebuilding. 


Meri Joyce, Peace Boat, GPPAC Northeast Asia

Meri Joyce explains the work Peace Boat does and how dialogue is of key importance in the Northeast Asia region. This is one of the main focuses of GPPAC Northeast Asia network, to bring civil society organisations from the region together for exchange and dialogue. 


Tajykan Shabdanova, Foundation for Tolerance International, GPPAC Central Asia

Tajykan Shabdanova explains why and how she started to work in peacebuilding. She also describes the ethnic conflict in Kyrgyzstan in 2010 and how this emphasised the importance of preventing conflict.  Being part of a global network helped her organisation during this period, for support and exchange from other members, sharing experiences on how to deal with this situation. 


Walter Odhiambo, GPPAC former Board Member - Kenya

In this video Walter Odhiambo (GPPAC former Board Member) talks about the current tensions in Kenya and the risk of a repeat of the election violence as seen in 2007-2008. He explains what the peacebuilders in the country are doing to try to prevent this from happening.