7th October 2016

Updates from the UN

In this section you can find updates on current developments, discussions and events related to peacebuilding and conflict prevention in and around the UN in New York.

Updates from the UN

UN Insights - Sustaining The Gambia’s Path to Peace

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After the 22-year authoritarian rule of the Former President of The Gambia, Mr. Yahya Jammeh, the main opposition candidate Mr. Adama Barrow defeated him in a surprising election victory in December 2016. Mr. Yahya Jammeh strongly rejected the election and attempted to expand his presidency. As a result, The Gambia faced a political turmoil, alarming its neighbors. Tensions were so high in the Gambian capital that many people fled to neighboring countries and rural areas. The international community feared that the political conflict would have escalated into violence soon. Mr. Jammeh only left office after the mediation conducted by neighboring countries and the threat of armed intervention, posed by Senegalese troops. In a joint declaration by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union (AU) and United Nations (UN), made on 21 January 2017, those institutions commended the goodwill of the Former President, Mr. Jammeh, who decided to facilitate a smooth transition process. Moreover, they underlined their commitment to work with the Government of the Gambia on national reconciliation. In that respect, the Chair of the Peacebuilding Commission along with the Assistant Secretary-General for Peacebuilding Support visited The Gambia. As requested by the current President of The Gambia, the Peacebuilding Commission held a meeting on 19 April 2017 to discuss the peacebuilding developments in country in order to assess the priorities mainly linked to transitional justice mechanism, respect for human rights, confidence in the political and judicial system, security sector and economic development. They also discussed about the international, regional and national commitment as well as the participation of various stakeholders to deal with the coming work. 

Read the complete report on the meeting here.

This update was written by Francesca Cocomera.