Paul Kosterink

Coordinator Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Paul Kosterink is Coordinator Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. Paul joined GPPAC in 2012 and his role is to coordinate the Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (PME) processes and the Learning agenda of the GPPAC network. He is responsible for capacity building of both Global Secretariat staff and network members on monitoring and reporting, following the ‘Outcome Harvesting' approach. During the past year Paul developed a database with all strategic plans and reports from the entire global network and made it accessible to its key users. He coordinated the drafting of the new Strategic Plan for the period 2016-2020. For the coming year Paul's biggest challenge will be to organise more frequent dialogue within the network and reflect on what GPPAC does and achieves and to identify where the network's weaknesses are. The ‘learning' component is difficult to organise within a global network, yet it is essential to plan strategically and achieve results. Before joining GPPAC Paul worked with civil society organisations in Central and Eastern Europe and Western Balkan. Paul has twenty years of experience in working with civil society networks and he is a practitioner and trainer-facilitator for civil society development, international networking, PME and adult learning. Paul holds an MSc in Environmental Science.