A Glimpse Past the Wall in Palestine

This is Walaa, a young Palestinian woman who lives in a refugee camp next to an Israeli checkpoint. Every day Walaa is faced with the separation in her country. Through the work of peacebuilder Lucy Nusseibeh, she has been able to tell her story.

In Palestine, a place where there have been many years of conflict,  peace still remains a vague and abstract concept.

Yet, for many years there are those that work tirelessly to make a change. Amongst those people is Lucy Nusseibeh. As the founder and executive chair of Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy (MEND), Lucy has been working in Palestine’s West Bank for over two decades. As we were filled with questions, we travelled down the road to Jerusalem and paid her a visit.

With little hope left for peace in the region, why is Lucy's work important? What are the daily challenges facing Palestinians and what can be done to help them? And what has MEND done to make a challenge? Follow us on this journey to Jerusalem...

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