Civil Society for a Human Security Strategy in Mali

Since a multi-dimensional crisis in Mali came to a head in 2012, the country has seen a myriad of international interventions to re-establish stability and legitimate governance.

While much of the international engagement emphasised military intervention and peacekeeping from 2012, GPPAC's network member the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) had pointed to underlying root causes as early warning signals already before the crisis.

In a consortium led by WANEP, GPPAC and Human Security Collective have supported the efforts to strengthen local civil society groups to play a role in supporting mediation efforts, fostering resilient societies and countering violent extremism through a human security approach. This project has supported WANEP in building a national civil society network in Mali, and to enable its members to formulate and upscale a human security strategy.

As part of this collaboration, GPPAC connects the civil society network with the international policy arena, to contribute to a more people-centred engagements that can be accountable to affected Malian communities.

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