Civil Society & Security Sector Engagement for Human Security

Military and police forces share complex environments with many different civilian government agencies, civil society organisations, and local civilian populations. Peacebuilding organisations are increasingly reaching out to the security sector as part of their work, where they promote human security as a public good. To date, few guidelines have existed on the complexities, benefits and risks of this type of interaction.

In this project, GPPAC teamed up with the Alliance for Peacebuilding and the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies to document and enhance civil-military-police coordination for human security. In 2013-2015, global consultations involving people from forty countries and over one hundred organisations supported the collection of case studies, methodologies and training materials used in the engagement of security sector actors. This fed into the development of the ‘Handbook on Human Security – A Civil-Military-Police Curriculum', the case study report ‘Local Ownership in Security' and the policy note ‘Local Ownership, Coordination and Human Security'.

For more information and to download the publications, please visit the project's website