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Updates on current developments, discussions and events related to peacebuilding and conflict prevention in and around the UN in New York. GPPAC's UN Liaison Officer reports on relevant news from the UN policy arena and analyzes how developments at the Headquarter impact local civil society actors and their inclusion in UN's peace and security activities.You can read the blog here.


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Together for Peace in Kenya & the Region

In March, 2018, the two main (rival) party leaders of Kenya met for a "magic handshake". This was a first attempt of President Uhuru Kenyatta of the Jubilee Party and Raila Odinga of the NASA Party...

Annual Report 2017: Making Prevention Possible

Our 2017 Annual Report is now online! In 2017, together with our members, we worked hard to prevent violent conflict and foster peace in our communities as our members face the severe onset of...

Kofi Annan: the Loss of a Peace Icon

It is with great sadness that we have received the news of the passing of Mr Kofi Annan, former secretary General of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Prize winner. Mr Kofi Annan was a strong...

GPPAC in the Media

All the latest news about and from GPPAC published in the Media are linked here.

'People Want Peace'

Interview with Peter van Tuijl about the Ulaanbaatar Process published in The Mongolian Observer (08/07/2015). Read here.

UN’s Mali Mission Needs Regional Focus to Support Peace Process

Op-ed by Chukwuemeka B. Eze and Peter van Tuijl published in Global Observatory (23/06/2015). Read here.

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