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Planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning

Starting point for GPPAC's planning, monitoring and evaluation activities is the formulation of a joint, global strategic plan for conflict prevention. It usually takes one and a half year to consult with network members and GPPAC's 15 Regional networks to set priorities and agree on strategic directions for the upcoming 5-year period. The last consultation round took place in 2014-2015 and resulted in a strategic plan for 2016 to 2020. You can find more information about the Strategic Plan here. The Global Secretariat facilitates this process.

The strategic plan provides general directions – an umbrella – for each Regional network to set own priorities and develop joint plans and activities with and for its members. This process is supported by the Global Secretariat and where relevant international and global activities are included. In many cases the Regional Secretariat or one of its Regional members is the project coordinator. In other cases – especially for the global initiatives – the Global Secretariat is the project coordinator. In all projects GPPAC includes a plan for Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation (PME) and Learning that is based on "Outcome Harvesting".

Apart from Outcome Harvesting at the outcome level, GPPAC also develops operational plans and produces reports at the activity level to monitor progress and be accountable towards the network and donors. Financial reports are audited by an external accountant. All larger projects are evaluated by an external evaluator. The PME & Learning is coordinated from the Global Secretariat by a designated staff member.

Since 2014 GPPAC has developed an on-line database for storing PME information. Network members and project staff can upload and access activity and outcome information on a continuous basis. In addition, network members and staff receive trainings and coaching support from the Global Secretariat on how to harvest and report on outcomes.


Outcome Harvesting

You can read more about the development of GPPAC's PME and Outcome Harvesting approach in this article (written by Ricardo Wilson-Grau, Paul Kosterink, and Goele Scheers) from the book 'Developmental Evaluation Exemplars' (M.Q. Patton et al, 2015): "Outcome Harvesting; A Developmental Evaluation Inquiry Framework Supporting the Development of an International Social Change Network".

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