How to apply for GPPAC membership

Civil society organisations working in conflict prevention and peacebuilding are eligible to join GPPAC. If your organisation would like to become a member, please register on the Peace Portal, and then create an organisational profile from your dashboard. Any peacebuilding organisation can have a profile on the Peace Portal, but to apply for GPPAC membership, make sure you tick the box requesting GPPAC membership at the end of the online form. The Regional Steering Group for your region will consider your membership request, so it may take a while before it is processed.

What does GPPAC membership mean?

Member organisations will receive regular information from their Regional Secretariat and from the Global Secretariat on GPPAC activities, including activities in which they can be involved. Member organisations are entitled to participate in GPPAC member-only communities on the Peace Portal focused on specific thematic issues, and the community for their own region. A GPPAC logo will be added to their organizational profile on the Peace Portal. If your organisation becomes a GPPAC member, it commits to supporting the Global Action Agenda and acting in accordance with the GPPAC Charter. You also agree to receiving GPPAC newsletters and updates. If a member organisation is found to act in violation of the spirit of the GPPAC Global Action Agenda or the GPPAC Charter, or when a member organisation has been convicted of a crime, the relevant RSG or the ISG may cancel GPPAC membership.