GPPAC Peace Education Working Group meeting

The GPPAC Peace Education Working Group members had a busy and very fruitful week in Cleveland, Ohio on June 11-17. The week started with the annual meeting of the GPPAC Peace Education Working Group, which continued into a media training for the working group members. Following that, the GPPAC Peace Education working group members participated and shared their perspectives on peace education from around the globe at the 6th International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education.

The 7 day event was hosted by Global Issues Resource Center at Cuyahoga Community College in partnership with the GPPAC, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, American Red Cross, International School Psychology Association and several other partner institutions. The event brought together 289 experts from 24 countries for 13 major events, 75 presentations, 10 pre-conference trainings and seminars.

The complete list of presentations as well as the conference programme could be found here.


Why is peace education important?