Our Work

GPPAC consists of hundreds of civil society organisations from around the world and what unites them all is a dedication to conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Beyond that, GPPAC's network members have many different approaches and priorities. The network's work must be guided by a strategic plan providing a framework under which all GPPAC activities fit, but which leaves enough room for members' own perspectives and choices. To ensure this, GPPAC embarked on a strategic planning process for the 2016-2020 period that was as inclusive and participatory as possible, inviting all members to give their input individually through surveys and collectively as regional networks. In the strategic plan 2016-2020, GPPAC adopted a framework with three core strategies.

Under the Enabling Collaboration strategy, GPPAC seeks to improve collaboration within its own network; between civil society actors beyond the network; between civil society, (inter)governmental and non-state actors; and between (inter)governmental actors.

Under the Improving Practice strategy, GPPAC seek to improve both its own methods and those of others working in this field through knowledge exchange and action learning. GPPAC will also hold (inter)governmental actors to account on the implementation of policy promises they have made, and provide them with expert civil society advice on how they might do so. Good policies on conflict prevention are a prerequisite for good practices.

Under the Influencing Policy strategy, GPPAC seeks improvement in three areas:

  • Norms and frameworks, such as the Responsibility to Protect norm, the Sustainable Development Goals, the UNSCR1325 framework on women, peace and security, and the UN Human Security Framework.
  • Institutional engagement for conflict prevention, including space for civil society to engage with (inter)governmental actors
  • Operationalisation of conflict prevention and compliance, such as regional early warning and early response mechanisms and mediation, or national compliance with resolution UNSCR1325 through national action plans on women, peace and security.

To learn more about the activities, projects, and thematics GPPAC is working on, you can explore the Working Themes and Projects sections of the website.