Together for a Better Peace

The Together for a Better Peace is a project of GPPAC, Global Partnership for Prevention of Armed Conflict, in cooperation with WFM-IGP, World Federalist Movement – Institute for Global Policy under the Prevention up Front Alliance.

The project aims to spread the knowledge about, support and contribute to the work of the UN Peacebuilding Commission (PBC). We do this by monitoring the meetings and activities of the PBC and developments in the countries on its agenda and providing meeting summaries and updates on the website.

At the same time, we advocate for the PBC to increase transparency, effectiveness and inclusiveness of its processes and fully live up to its unique role in assisting countries in their peace efforts to prevent the lapse and relapse into conflict. The Together for a Better Peace project aims to support the PBC to make full use of its mandate as a flexible bridging, advisory body intended to bring all relevant actors together, including different UN bodies and civil society actors, to assist countries in preventing the lapse and relapse into conflict.

Our goals are to:

  • Support the development of transparent, effective and inclusive PBC processes in countries on the agenda and at the UN.
  • Promote the inclusion of local civil society actors in the countries on the PBC's agenda and to build the capacity of civil society organisations to constructively contribute to the work of PBC.
  • Raise awareness among UN actors, Member States and civil society about the mandate and work of the PBC.