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Advocate for a National Development Plan for SDGs Implementation

If you are not sure if your government has developed a national development plan, a peace strategy or a conflict prevention plan, get in touch with a relevant representative of your government to find out which plans and initiatives already exist

Look also at the UN plans for your country (see also here and here). 

Inclusion of the SDGs in such plans and strategies are key for the localisation and national ownership of the SDGs and should be developed in an inclusive manner. 

If these plans are missing or have not included the SDGs this provides an opportunity to advocate for SDG peace goals to be localised and mainstreamed in the next national development plan and in sectoral plans. The UN came up with overall suggestions and examples on how this can be done. Also make sure to be involved in the development of the next national UN sustainable development cooperation framework and implementation, which aims to support the achievement of the SDGs.

To achieve this you can, among others, raise awareness about the goals and more specifically SDG16+, mobilise parliamentarians and/or political parties, and engage with the UNDP office and the UN resident coordinator in the country. In this process you can use the UN 2019 HLPF review of SDG 16 implementation which lays out overall measures needed to accelerate progress on SDG 16+ including “increased investments in peace, dialogue and reconciliation as a foundation for achieving sustainable development”.

You can use our Advocacy Toolkit to develop your own strategy towards this. 

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