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Updates on current developments, discussions and events related to peacebuilding and conflict prevention in and around the UN in New York. GPPAC's UN Liaison Officer reports on relevant news from the UN policy arena and analyzes how developments at the Headquarter impact local civil society actors and their inclusion in UN's peace and security activities.You can read the blog here.


All the latest events and activities from our network are published on this page.

Armenia’s Velvet Revolution: A Civil Society Success for Peace

Written by, Women for Development Photo credits: Made in Armenia Last week Armenia took a breath for the first time since the mass protests of civil disobedience started three weeks ago on April...

Visaka Dharmadasa: Mother, Daughter, and Woman of Peace! 72nd UN General Assembly

Visaka Dharmadasa's story touches the hearts of many. A mother, whose son went missing after a Tamil Tigers attack in Sri Lanka; a woman, who marched into the ‘lions den' to look into the very...

Supporting new hope for peace on the Korean Peninsula, towards a peaceful, nuclear-weapons free Northeast Asia

GPPAC Northeast Asia Statement Welcoming the 2018 Inter-Korean Summit April 2018 The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) Northeast Asia, a network of civil society...

GPPAC in the Media

All the latest news about and from GPPAC published in the Media are linked here.

Interview: 'how to save the peace in 2018?' with GPPAC Executive Director

This article is written and published by ¡Pacifista! and translated by GPPAC. The post-conflict in Colombia has become a sort of obsession for different universities and organizations around the...

GPPAC Pacific Consultation in Tonga on Peace Education & Human Security

This article of Loop Pacific covers the GPPAC Pacific consultation on peace education and human security that took place in Tonga on August the 15th. Read more here.

TRT World Interviewed Executive Director GPPAC on Colombian Peace Process

On 21 June, TRT World interviewed the Executive Director of GPPAC, Darynell Rodriguez Torres, on the peace process in Colombia. Watch the full interview here.

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