Jenny Aulin

Managing Adviser Human Security

Jenny Aulin is Managing Adviser Human Security & Regional Coordinator for Eastern and Central Africa. Jenny joined GPPAC in 2008 as Coordinator Donor Relations and later moved to programme management on Human Security and Preventive Action from 2012. She took on the present role in 2016. Key areas of Jenny's work have included a manual on multi-stakeholder processes for conflict prevention and peacebuilding; the curriculum development project ‘Civil Society and Security Sector Engagement for Human Security'; the working group initiative ‘Empowerment & Protection – Stories of Human Security'; and regional coordination for West Africa. Jenny holds a Master's degree in Culture, Organisations & Management (2008) from the Vrije Universiteit, the Netherlands, and a BScEcon in Development Studies and Spanish/Portuguese (2002) from the University of Wales Swansea, UK. Her academic research in Brazil and Uruguay focused on networks and global-to-local connections of NGO policy and practice.