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April the 24th

Gender Expert Meeting: "We are not there yet: Women’s participation in conflict prevention"

On April 18, the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law and GPPAC hosted a gender expert meeting in The Hague. The purpose of the event was to come up with three concrete recommendations to enable greater participation of women in peacebuilding and conflict. Gender equality is, without a doubt, a goal in and of itself. However, when paired with conflict prevention and peacebuilding its importance is heightened once more. As stated by Thania Paffenholz, the Director of Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative: "When digging deeper into cases, statistics show that the greater the inclusion of women in peacebuilding initiatives, the more peace resolutions are concluded".

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April the 16th

Mobilising for Justice: #JusticeForAsifa

All of last week, India has been rocked by an explosion of opinion, scathing views, and loud demonstrations all over the country demanding #JusticeForAsifa  – an eight-year old girl belonging to the nomadic Bakarwal (Muslim) community in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, who was kidnapped, sedated, held inside a temple, gang raped and brutally murdered in January this year. With the chargesheeting of the accused (Hindu men) by the Jammu and Kashmir police crime branch last week, along with indicating the motive to beyond one of sexual violence, it has sparked off a fresh round of heated exchanges between the already polarized communities along religious lines.

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March the 8th

Report: Building Sustainable Peace

GPPAC and QUNO are excited to announce the release of our joint report ‘Building Sustainable Peace: How inclusivity, partnerships and a reinforced UN Peacebuilding Architecture will support delivery.' Given the on-going developments in the peacebuilding and prevention fields, this report serves to increase the practical understanding of what sustaining peace means, assess the progress and remaining challenges facing peacebuilding practice and articulate recommendations for the way forward.

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Animation: Making Conflict Prevention Possible

The past years have shown a drastic increase in the number of violent conflicts worldwide. As a result, many thousands have died and many more had to flee their homes. The solution is not in reacting to violent conflicts when they appear. We need to shift our focus from reacting to violent conflicts to the longer-term focus of prevention. In this animation we explain what conflict prevention is, why it is important and what GPPAC is doing for sustainable peace worldwide.

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