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February the 6th

Online Consultation Call for Applications: "Civil Society & Inclusive Peace - A Reality Check"

GPPAC is joining forces with The Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative and Peace Direct to host a consultation bringing together civil society practitioners and researchers to discuss civil society challenges, strategies, and options to make an impact on inclusive peacebuilding. The consultation will take place online over 3 days from 27 February - 1 March 2018 to kick off a year-long learning exchange as part of the Impact Local Peace project

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January the 16th

GPPAC Welcomes Sida Partnership

In 2018, thanks to a recent and close partnership with Sida, GPPAC will achieve bigger and deeper results globally and regionally. GPPAC will be able to focus on strengthening its global and regional networks, to shed more light on the impact of conflict prevention and ensure that local voices of civil society actors are heard in international arenas and in turn, have an impact locally.

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December the 20th

Conference: Peace Education for Peacebuilding

From December 1-2, the International Conference 'Peace Education for Peacebuilding' took place in Gyumri, Armenia. During the conference, the participants and speakers underlined the need to expand peace education through formal and non-formal teaching and the creation of a culture of peace among schoolchildren and youth as an essential to establishing peace and preventing violence and terrorism. Among the speakers who contributed to the discussions, by offering insights on peace education in the United States, was GPPAC peace education expert Jennifer Batton.

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September the 28th

Animation: Making Conflict Prevention Possible

The past years have shown a drastic increase in the number of violent conflicts worldwide. As a result, many thousands have died and many more had to flee their homes. The solution is not in reacting to violent conflicts when they appear. We need to shift our focus from reacting to violent conflicts to the longer-term focus of prevention. In this animation we explain what conflict prevention is, why it is important and what GPPAC is doing for sustainable peace worldwide.

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