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March the 19th

Workshop - Outcome Harvesting: good practices to assure the quality

On April 24, GPPAC, Partos and Wolfgang Richert (OH consultant) organise an Outcome Harvesting workshop, which is financed by Partos and the Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law through a GPPAC project on Outcome Harvesting. Together we share a concern for the quality of Outcome Harvesting use in the Netherlands, especially in the current situation in which a large number of organisations in the Strategic Partnerships (SPs) are using Outcome Harvesting to identify and formulate their outcomes.

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March the 8th

Report: Building Sustainable Peace

GPPAC and QUNO are excited to announce the release of our joint report ‘Building Sustainable Peace: How inclusivity, partnerships and a reinforced UN Peacebuilding Architecture will support delivery.' Given the on-going developments in the peacebuilding and prevention fields, this report serves to increase the practical understanding of what sustaining peace means, assess the progress and remaining challenges facing peacebuilding practice and articulate recommendations for the way forward.

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January the 28th

The Myth of Security: Why We Need to Place People Before Guns

In this reflection piece, human security expert Jonathan Rudy of the Alliance for Peacebuilding and the GPPAC Improving Practice Working Group debunks the myth that more guns lead to more security. He responds to the gun debate in the United States of America by highlighting facts around security and linking it to the concept of human security. Jonathan argues that we need to ask questions like: "what reduces our fears? Are people's needs met? And can we increase the dignity of all citizens?"

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Animation: Making Conflict Prevention Possible

The past years have shown a drastic increase in the number of violent conflicts worldwide. As a result, many thousands have died and many more had to flee their homes. The solution is not in reacting to violent conflicts when they appear. We need to shift our focus from reacting to violent conflicts to the longer-term focus of prevention. In this animation we explain what conflict prevention is, why it is important and what GPPAC is doing for sustainable peace worldwide.

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