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March the 23rd

UN Insights - Peacebuilding Commission on CAR (16 March 2017)

In our GPPAC Insights we provide sneak peeks into what is happening at the UN. Today we are featuring the UN Peacebuilding Commission meeting on CAR of March 16, 2017. During the meeting the commission 'represented the upmost expression of the need of a more comprehensive cooperation at the international level.'

As part of the Together for a Better Peace project, GPPAC and WFM-IGP aim to spread the knowledge about, support and contribute to the work of the UN Peacebuilding Commission.

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20th of March

Colombia: GPPAC Working Towards A Culture of Peace

On March 17, 2017, GPPAC and La Paz Querida (Our Wanted Peace) facilitated a methodology workshop in Bogotá, Colombia. The event was organised in preparation of a new project taking place in Colombia this year, called Intergenerational Dialogues for a Culture of Peace. On behalf of GPPAC, Darynell Rodriguez Torres and Jenny Aulin presented and discussed concepts and approaches of the GPPAC multi-stakeholder manual and outcome mapping. The goal of the workshop was to support the preparation of the staff and facilitators of La Paz Querida, who will be conducting intergenerational dialogues across Colombia over the next six months.

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14th of March

GPPAC Sharing Expertise on Human Security at Military Seminar in Colombia

On March the 14th and 15th, the 'First International Seminar on Human Security and Transitional Justice' will take place in Bogotá, Colombia. The event is organised by the General Command of the Armed Forces of Colombia and addresses the challenges for the Armed Forces to consolidate a stable and lasting peace in the country.

GPPAC, Interpeace and Alianza para la Paz have been invited to the event to share their expertise and contribute to lasting peace in the country.

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14th of March

WOSCAP Report on Civil-Military Synergies in EU Action

Based on several discussions held with the practitioners, this report offers the views and experiences shared on the salient practices of civil-military synergies at the operational level. Based on practitioners' first hand field level experiences, civil-military synergies are more likely to occur in short term missions (i.e., stabilization) with clearly defined mission goals, often carried out in a less crowded operational environment and under a clear command structure and leadership. 

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